Where Should I Stay In The Bahamas For The First Time?

Is it better to stay in Nassau or Paradise Island?

Paradise Island is much more developed and modern, though Nassau/New Providence is catching up. I think the beaches on New Providence are much nicer, with calmer waters that are better for swimming. 1000% PI- not even close. It's a different (better) world for a tourist.

How many days do you need in Nassau Bahamas?

If you are staying on Paradise Island or Nassau, I would say 7 days would be just fine. If, however, you would like to visit another island during your stay, then I'd say at least 10 - 14 days. May is a great time to visit. The weather is warm, though not yet sweltering summer heat.

What is the best beach to go to in Nassau Bahamas?

For public beaches in Nassau Bahamas, Cabbage Beach is a top pick. This luxurious beach near the Atlantis resort is great for swimming, water-skiing, snorkeling, parasailing, or just enjoying the view. When you swim between designated flags, you'll be under the gaze of the Atlantis resort's lifeguards.

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