Where Should I Stay When Visiting Ireland?

What is the nicest part of Dublin?

  • North Inner City. Best for: city center living, a fantastic food scene and residing right in the heart of Dublin.
  • City Center South. Best for: a central location, non-stop nightlife and living like a tourist.
  • Portobello. Best for: students, hipsters and student hipsters.
  • Ranelagh.
  • Rathmines.
  • The Docklands.
  • Dundrum.
  • Drumcondra.
  • What is the safest place in Dublin?

    Of all the safest areas in Dublin, the Docklands is arguably the most fancy. Nicknamed 'Silicon Docks', the area is essentially one huge, well-established tech scene. Not only is it teeming with Irish Mark Zuckerbergs (as socially awkward as ever), it really is a safe area.

    Where is the posh area of Dublin?

    The poshest area in Dublin, by far, is officially called The Docklands. This area is also referred to as the “Silicon Docks,” with a large tech scene comparable to Silicon Valley in the US. The Docklands is located along River Liffey.

    Is Dublin safe to walk at night?

    Yes it is safe to travel Dublin at night. Overall most of the places in Dublin is safe from my experience. During my study period (especially few days before exams) there was often times when I used to leave College late at night. Trinity College is at the heart of the city.

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