Where The Locals Eat In St Petersburg Russia?

How many restaurants are in St Petersburg Russia?

By the way, you can book a restaurant you like here. How many cafés and restaurants are there in St. Petersburg? About 700.

Does Russia have Michelin stars?

Nine Moscow restaurants have become the first in Russia to be awarded Michelin stars. Artest and Twins Garden both received two of the gastronomic accolades in a dedicated private ceremony. Seven other Moscow eateries — Selfie, Beluga, Grand Cru, White Rabbit, Biologie, Sakhalin, and Savva — were awarded one star.

What is the most popular restaurant in Russia?

  • Varvary (Moscow)
  • Chaika (Moscow)
  • Galereya (Moscow)
  • miX (St.
  • Syr (Moscow)
  • Alexander (Muhu Island, Estonia)
  • Ribe (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • Café Pushkin (Moscow)
  • What is the most expensive restaurant in Moscow?

    Turandot. One of the most expensive restaurants in Russia's capital, the opera-themed Turandot is an glimpse into the lifestyles of Moscow's contemporary rich. With construction costs estimated between $40-50 million, this opulent Baroque style restaurant occupies 14 rooms in a luxurious 17th century building.

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