Which Area In Milos Is Best To Stay?

Where can I stay in Milos without a car?

Adamas is a good place to stay without a car in Milos Greece. You can easily access the main attractions on foot. The best hotels in Adamas are Santa Maria Village and The White Suites.

Do I need a car in Milos Greece?

Driving in Milos is a real treat for the off-road adventurer. While many of the roads in Milos are paved, there are long stretches of dirt roads, often in bad condition. In order to reach the more remote eastern beaches, or to explore the west, barren side of the island, you will need to rent an appropriate vehicle.

How long should I stay in Milos?

I haven't been to Sifnos or Kythnos before, but i can strongly recommend that you plan at least five days for Milos alone, since it is a pretty big island with lots to see and do.

Is one day in Milos enough?

One day in Milos is the perfect amount of time to discover the highlights of the island. If you're spending 24 hours in Milos, you'll definitely have a great time. Milos is one of the most beautiful places in Greece and it is definitely worth going to! There are many amazing things to do on Milos.

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