Which Area Of Sardinia Is Best?

Where is the best place to live in Sardinia?

The Nicest Small Towns And Cities In Sardinia

  • Cagliari.
  • Dolianova.
  • Serdiana.
  • Pula.
  • Carloforte.
  • Sant'Antioco.
  • Calasetta.
  • Oristano.
  • What part of Sardinia has the best beaches?

  • Costa Sud. Chia Beach, Costa Sud.
  • Maddalena Islands. Cala Coticcio on the island of Caprera, Maddalena Islands.
  • Capo Testa. Rena Bianca beach in Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinia.
  • Costa Smeralda.
  • Costa Verde.
  • Golfo di Orosei.
  • Costa Rei.
  • Cala Brandinchi and San Teodoro.
  • What are the major cities in Sardinia?

    5 cities to visit in Sardinia at least once in life: from north to south

  • Cagliari. Let's start with the capital and the main city of southern Sardinia.
  • Carloforte. It is located on San Pietro, off the southwest coast, one of the most beautiful islands in Sardinia.
  • Alghero.
  • Olbia.
  • Sassari.
  • Is it expensive to live in Sardinia Italy?

    On the contrary, Sardinia is cheaper than most other regions in Italy – the wages here are lower than in most of the country and as a result the costs of living here are lower. It's much cheaper to visit and live than other European and international destinations – think the UK, Scandinavia, but even the US or Canada.

    Can I move to Sardinia?

    Yes, Sardinia is not without its problems, but we feel that it is safe to live in. People are warm and welcoming, especially with foreigners.

    What is the capital of Sardinia?

    Cagliari, ancient (Latin) Caralis, or Carales, city, capital of the island regione of Sardinia, Italy. It lies at the northern extremity of the Gulf of Cagliari, on the south coast of the island.

    Is Sardinia pretty?

    The Italian island of Sardinia is filled with natural wonder. Its turquoise Mediterranean water and miles of beaches are the main draws, but its mysterious ancient structures, hiking trails and colourful mountain towns are also worth discovering.

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