Which Countries Use InterRail?

Can you InterRail in Europe?

Interrail is for everyone

Anyone who lives in Europe can travel with Interrail, and under-27s and over-60s even get a discount on their Passes.

Can I use Interrail in my own country?

An Interrail Global Pass is valid for travel in your country of residence during one outbound journey and one inbound journey that occur during travel days at any point in your trip. With your Interrail Pass, you can travel on trains operated by the national railway companies.

Can UK citizens still use InterRail?

If you're a UK citizen, you can still travel with an Interrail Pass – this won't change as a result of the Brexit. Interrail travellers from outside the UK will continue to be able to use their Interrail Pass to travel in the UK, too.

Can you use Interrail pass in Switzerland?

Yes, an Interrail or Eurail Global Pass is valid in Switzerland. The pass will work on all services run by SBB, the country's national rail company, as well as most private railway companies. You'll be covered on all major routes between towns and cities including regional, high speed, international and sleeper trains.

How much money do I need to Interrail?

We would advise allowing for around 50-100 euros per day, do you have to spend this exact amount every day? No. Different factors will come into play, for example, one of the days you may want to do a tour that costs around 15-20 euros, but you still need to allow money for eating, public transport etc.

Do you need a passport to Interrail?

We ask for your passport or ID number for safety and verification that the Pass you are travelling with is actually yours. You may be asked to show your passport or ID card when your Pass is being checked by ticket inspectors, so the number on your Pass should match the number on the passport or ID you are carrying.

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