Which Is The Best Area To Stay In Langkawi?

Is Langkawi good for families?

Planning A Family Trip To Langkawi? Full of sand, sun, and fun (and duty-free chocolate *winks*), Langkawi is Malaysia's perfect tropical paradise that promises tons of exciting family adventures! From sunset cruises to island hopping tours, Langkawi is great fun for adults and kids regardless of age.

Is Langkawi worth visiting?

Langkawi may not be the best holiday island in Malaysia but it's one of the best when it comes accessibility and convenience. The beaches are nice, the island is big enough to explore, and there are enough attractions and tourist infrastructure to make your stay action-packed if you want it to be.

How long do you need in Langkawi?

Despite Langkawi's often 'sleepy island' persona, a Langkawi itinerary of 4 days will keep you plenty busy. I would personally recommend at least 7 to 10 days, to truly get a feel for the archipelago and get into the island groove.

How expensive is Langkawi?

If you want to spend a week in Langkawi the cost of your stay will be: 273 USD (1,100 MYR) - a cheap stay for 7 days in Langkawi. 332 USD (1,400 MYR) - a budget travel for 7 days in Langkawi. 519 USD (2,100 MYR) for a one week of comfortable stay in Langkawi.

Which is better Langkawi or Penang?

Shopping will be better in Penang than Langkawi but there are lots of lovely beaches and beautiful scenery on Langkawi and life is very slow. Culturally the two islands are quite different. Penang is Chinese dominated whereas Langkawi has a large Moslem presence. Many restaurants in Langkawi do not serve alcohol.

Is Langkawi safe?

Langkawi is a relatively a very safe place to visit, but does have some of the problems that come with being a developing area. Because there is a great contrast of wealthy tourists and poor locals, petty theft does occur.

Is Langkawi beautiful?

Langkawi is a picturesque island located off the coast of Penang in Malaysia and is a great place to come if you want to sample some island living. Langkawi has a laid back atmosphere that makes it very different from other parts of Malaysia, and many people flock here for the pretty beaches and natural scenery.

Why is Langkawi famous?

Constituting 99 islands in Malaysia's west coast, Langkawi is famous for its mystical legends, exquisite beaches, pristine rainforests and superb duty-free shopping! Interspersed with lush tropical rainforests, the islets are also home to staggering cliffs that dramatically jut out of the turquoise placid waters.

Is Langkawi clean?

Langkawi has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and offers incredible views of sunsets. The beaches around Langkawi have crystal clear water, a comfortable gentle breeze, blue lagoons, and clean sandy beaches. Pantai Cenang beach is the most visited beach in Langkawi.

Is grab car available in Langkawi?

Yes lots of Grab cars are available in Langkawi. We booked our first ride with Grab in Langkawi and it was very good experience with very cheap rate.

Are there snakes in Langkawi?

The Reticulated Python Is the largest snake on the Island and they are the longest snakes in the world. The largest captured on Langkawi was measured at 8.40m! Some of the other snake are the Red-tailed Racer, Oriental Whip Snake and Kukri snakes.

What must you be aware of in Langkawi?

Insects and Jellyfishes: To avoid getting nasty bites, use an insect repellent whenever are out, especially in the rainforests or mangroves. Jellyfish are also a problem when going for a swim in the water. Langkawi's beaches are swarmed with jellyfish in the first half of the year.

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