Which Part Of LA Is The Best?

Is it better to stay in downtown or West Hollywood?

For a quick weekend trip (and those on a budget), stay in Downtown LA. If you want to stay in one of the coolest neighborhoods in LA, stay in Silver Lake. If you want to stay in an area with amazing nightlife, stay in West Hollywood (also super LGBTQ+ friendly).

How can I meet celebrities in LA?

  • TCL Chinese Theatre. Plan your arrival to LA at the right time and you could be witnessing the stars waltzing down the red carpet of a film premiere.
  • Erewhon Market. Move over, Whole Foods.
  • Dolby Theatre.
  • The Grove.
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  • TMZ Tour.
  • Soho House.
  • Warner Bros.
  • Is East LA safe?

    East Los Angeles, CA Crime

    Statistic Reportedincidents East Los Angeles/100k people
    Robbery n/a n/a
    Assault n/a n/a
    Violent crime n/a 698 (estimate)
    Burglary n/a n/a

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