Which Part Of Phuket Is Best For Families?

Is Phuket suitable for families?

Phuket is perfect for a family vacation. Phuket in Thailand has so much to offer for a family vacation – beautiful beaches, family-friendly attractions, fabulous food and some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Is food and drink cheap in Phuket?

Eating out in Phuket can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. Dinner for two can be had at a restaurant for 10 quid. Of course you can pay up to 100 pounds, depending where and what you eat.

Is Patong OK for families?

Patong is the main tourist town in Phuket. It has a seedy feel in parts but is not terrible. There are better areas to stay for families but I wouldn't say Patong is a no-go area (though after dark it becomes more unpleasant).

Is Thailand family Friendly?

Thailand is an awesome family vacation destination, offering plenty of diversity when it comes to traveling for beaches, culture, and outdoor adventures, as well as resorts that cater to all budgets-overall Thailand is a good-value destination. Bangkok is the buzzing capital and a major cultural hub.

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