Which Part Of Zakynthos Is Best?

Where should couples stay in Zakynthos?

Where to Stay in Zakynthos For Couples (Zante): 7 Best Hotels

  • Villa Levante.
  • Ionian Hill Hotel.
  • Hotel Palmyra.
  • Dali Hotel.
  • Lithies Boutique Hotel.
  • Castelli Hotel – Adults Only.
  • Lesante Classic Luxury Hotel and Spa.
  • Which is better Kos or Zante?

    Winner: While the difference is slight, Zante wins this round of our Kos vs Zante debate. Zante weather is warmer than Kos, which is preferable for a summer holiday.

    Kos or Zante: Zante for weather.

    Mean temperature in August (°C) Range of temperature in August (°C)
    Kos 25 21 to 29
    Zante 26 21 to 31

    How many days should I stay in Zakynthos?

    Zakynthos for how many days? One to Three days. Zakynthos is one of the most popular Greek islands and world-famous for its gorgeous beaches with the idyllic scenery and the perfect crystal water. Do not miss a boat trip to Navagio and the Blue Caves.

    What is the busiest resort in Zante?

    Laganas is Zakynthos' busiest and most popular resort town.

    What part of Zante is quiet?

    Psarou and Ammoudia are two quieter beaches wedged between the bigger resorts of Tsilivi and Alykes.

    Is alykanas a party place?

    Alykanas is a holiday destination ideal for relaxing holidays, therefore it is not known for a hectic nightlife. Nonetheless, there are a few bars and pubs offering delicious cocktails in the sound of relaxing music.

    Is Zante bad for mosquitoes?

    v Zakynthos has quite a lot of mosquitoes. Although they are not dangerous, they surely are annoying. It would be wise to take a spray or cream with you in order to protect yourself from waking up with a lot of bites.

    Why is Zante called Rat Island?

    The islands are named so because rats were accidentally introduced to Rat Island in about 1780.

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